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The Artist Body

Discover your Creative Voice

A Message from the Producers

The Artist Body was conceptualized and produced by Artists, for Artists

As a testament to our dedication to accessibility and shared knowledge within the artistic realm,

we've chosen to make the documentary Available to All, Free of charge

In an era where artistic expression is more vital than ever, we encourage viewers who find resonance to consider sharing this film within social circles and, if possible, making a donation to support the creators


15% of all Donations will be directly reinvested into the artistic community,

funding various artists & projects, weaving a tapestry of support and collaborative growth

Your involvement, sharing and contributions will not only uphold the creators of this film, but also,

fortify a vibrant, sustaining network of artists navigating the currents of contemporary creation

Thank You for Investing in The Artist Body, Within You, and as a Whole

The Artist Body


Support the Artists

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