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Producer  |  Writer  |  Director

Arturo Stable

Child actor, two-time Grammy Award Winning musician, painter, music producer, writer, educator, film producer/director, entrepreneur and all around creative force. Arturo was born in Cuba but has accomplished much in the span of thirty years as an internationally acclaimed artist. Considered to be at the fore front of his generation as a Latin Jazz percussionist and composer, Mr. Stable never fails to surprise audiences, friends and family with different creative projects: from art installations, touring, writing for orchestras to developing artists, festivals and events.


At the core of his philosophy there is only one common value:

 "To use the arts to elevate the human condition to a higher understanding of our existence where kindness, compassion and social justice are nurtured and developed for the creation of a better, more sustainable and enjoyable world."


In 2001, Stable received a scholarship to study at the Berklee College of Music. By 2003, he earned a degree in Contemporary Writing & Production and cultivated friendships with many of the musicians who accompany him on his solo artist career. As a person and player, he’s open to the beauty of always being centered in exploration, especially during uncertain times.


“There are many new pathways opening that we need to be constantly exploring, and finding the best way to utilize,”


Director  |  Cinematographer  |  Editor

“My StoryTelling style is Authentic, Immersive & Minimalist. I strive to incorporate myself into the environment, documenting without interrupting; to capture Magic Moments & True Beauty. My intent is to Blur the Lines between Art & Reality; telling Compelling, Honest, Impactful & Inspiring Stories with Timeless Universal Messages.”

Skyler is an independent filmmaker, writer, singer/songwriter and creative collaborator based in Los Angeles, CA and hails from from Philadelphia, PA. He graduated from Towson University with a B.S. in Electronic Media & Film, worked on a wide variety of film sets, produced content for non-profits and fortune 500 companies and then finally broke off on his own to start his own company, Skyler Jenkins Films and 7sound & Co.


Skyler has discovered a deep love and passion for telling real stories that uplift unheard voices, cultivate community, bridge different worlds and include universal truths we can all hear our voice in. He loves to collaborate with others and find unique ways to tell stories, authentically and creatively.

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Producer  |  Singer  |  Songwriter

Hailing originally from the vibrant streets of Philadelphia and now calling the electrifying city of Los Angeles home, MaryLiz emerges as a multifaceted force to be reckoned with. With her talents spanning the realms of singer-songwriting, production, and modeling, she's a creative powerhouse who transforms the everyday tapestry of her life into a canvas painted with powerful and deeply resonant messages, delivered to her audience with a captivating vulnerability that leaves an indelible mark.


MaryLiz is a rare gem in the musical landscape, seizing your attention with spellbinding live performances that are nothing short of mesmerizing. Her journey through music has been influenced by a kaleidoscope of genres and artists, drawing inspiration from the soulful depths of blues, the timeless allure of Sade, the poetic storytelling of Fleetwood Mac, and the contemporary charisma of Drake.

Not content with conquering just one realm of the arts, MaryLiz is a polymath in her own right. She's graced the modeling world with her presence, signing with the prestigious CESD Talent Agency, while simultaneously making waves as a music artist under the banner of Origen Records. Her sonic creations have even found their way into the cinematic realm, as her music has been featured in the film "Drown the Clown," helmed by director Justin Viggiano. Additionally, her artistry takes center stage in the documentary "The Artist Body."

MaryLiz has graced the stages of some well renowned venues across the nation, leaving audiences always enchanted and craving for more. From the iconic World Cafe Live in her hometown of Philadelphia to the intimate confines of Tinyroom Studios in the heart of Los Angeles, Her evocative performances have even graced the hallowed halls of Lany Hall at the University of California, further cementing her status as an artist of unparalleled depth and allure.


Currently, MaryLiz is embarking on exciting collaborations with the likes of Grammy Award-winning artist Arturo Stable and Grammy-nominated producers Magic and Jake Carmona, hinting at a future filled with sonic innovation and chart-topping excellence. As she continues to captivate audiences with her extraordinary talents, MaryLiz stands at the precipice of artistic greatness, a rising star destined to illuminate the world with her remarkable gifts.


The Artist Body

Visuelle  |  45 min


A singer/songwriter embarks on a cross country journey to discover how to find your creative voice &

reveal the Keys to Artist Development.

Produced by

Arturo Stable  |  MaryLiz  |  Skyler Jenkins

Directed by

Arturo Stable  &  Skyler Jenkins

Original Concept by

Arturo Stable

Filmed & Edited by

Skyler Jenkins

Soundtrack by

Arturo Stable

Original Music from


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